Aledo TX Digital Franchising

We call it Digital Franchising for Aledo TX businesses.

IAledo TX Digital Franchising online business modelt's on-line in Aledo TX and not to be confused with the highly regulated brick and mortal kind of franchise you go to in Aledo TX.

In its "most simple definition, a franchise is a business opportunity that allows the franchisee (possibly you) to start your business by legally using someone else's (the franchisor's) expertise, ideas, and processes".

That means that digital franchising in Aledo TX is your opportunity to use a business system and model to earn income from the expertise, ideas and processes of Aledo TX web syndication, fractal marketing and long-tail 'art of war'.

Simply put Digital Franchising as used by Intelligent Netware has little to do with a Aledo TX physical franchise because it's not a physical store, shop or service.

Digital Franchising is a verb. It's the working of the parts of the enterprise that scale it exponentially online. It's more than PAAS (Platform as a Service) because in our usage it includes a subscription service with a marketing and support platform, as well as 22 years of experience and learning to leverage.


Aledo TX Digital Franchising Platforms

Examples of Aledo TX Digital Franchising platforms are Theo:plexus, Wellness By Choice, 360MEN, MOMtrepreneurs, Business Women News and The Red Dress Society. Each of these platforms use a fractal-like method of hyperlocal syndication tied to a subscription service, or a fee-for-use model with limited access by a select number of allies.

Aledo TX

Much the same as in the early days of television with the networks taking the major share of the market, digital franchising applied to different markets will have a few major brands in each niche with the remaining participants sharing the minor portion of the market.


Is Digital Franchising a job opportunity?

Good question. It's a business, and income opportunity, like when ABC, NBC and CBS launched. This is similar, but for the web. I have built the only true web syndication network I know of, and I've been doing so since 1997. I'm looking for the affiliate channels - a team in Houston, NYC, Phoenix, etc.


Income, Commissions, Royalties

Commissions are 5% to 25% depending on the client, royalties are 1%-5% per month also depending on the client. Some people want to make a fortune by using the platform like a broadcast network (but for the web). Other people want to make business income by offering web syndication to their clients as a service. Some people want to expand the reach of their single website by syndicating the pages hyper-local across a metro or region. Some people want to get their creative content out across the nation in thousands of websites for $100 a post.


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